The Saveene Advantage

Compare to Sole Yacht Ownership or Charter:

Saveene Co Op is on Average 30% Less Expensive!

Indeed, boat ownership is a lifestyle all its own—and a potentially costly one at that. That’s why many opt instead for boat club membership, which promises all the benefits of owning, just without the costs and hassle of maintenance and upkeep, storage, transportation, insurance, repairs and more. Saveene Yacht Membership is on average 30% less than a charter! This is a virtual CO OP ownership type yacht membership with a massive 370 engine hours allocated over 5 years!! In addition to this, it includes 50 nights aboard the ship. Most boaters utilize their vessels 40-50 hrs a season on average! Shop and Compare!


Owning a yacht is the dream of every boy who grows up in a seaside community. Perhaps the dream of every person ever lays eyes on a beautiful yacht. The first thing we always say to ourselves is wow, wouldn’t it be nice. Well actually, what we don’t know is that boat ownership is a lifestyle, and a costly one at that. As with anything, when you are a owner you have to think like an owner. This means, maintenance cost, storage, transportation, insurance, repairs and even more unexpected cost that always pop up.

Co-Op model

What if we told you there was a way to enjoy all the benefits of boat ownership without having to worry about the maintenance, repairs, etc. Welcome to the world of fractional yacht ownership! With Saveene Co Op, you can be sailing the 7 seas without having to worry about the headaches that follow you home after spending a lovely time on the water. But how is that possible? Let’s find out!

How it works.

When you join Saveene and buy your membership package, you will be given a set amount of privileges that come along with that membership. The biggest privilege will be your massive 370 engine hours allocated over 5 years. If we were to think about this in terms of averages, we would see that the average boat owner only spends 40-50 hours a year using his vessel.

If you are used to chartering boats, that is fine. Just keep in mind that a Saveene Yacht Membership is on average 30% less expensive than a charter! Why spend your money on chartering when you can save money as a fractional owner. We know that you are a detailed oriented person. So we invite you to do the math.

Run your numbers

Take for example one year of yacht ownership or charter. Whichever you like. Run the numbers on how much you will spend on everything from A-Z and also consider how much time you will spend on the water for that price. Every time you run your calculations, a Saveene yacht membership stands out as your best option.

The feeling is unreal.

When you have the freedom to board your yacht and take off, you will feel truly liberated. We take care of all the logistics from gasoline to captains. Just board your vessel with your favorite bubbly and get ready for your adventure. Your experience will be enhanced when you are carefree and not involved in the complicated side of boat ownership like ports, docking, navigation, seamans knowledge, etc. Just relax and enjoy your trip, you earned it.

Who are you bringing with you.

The yacht experience is the experience of a lifetime. When you board your vessel, who are you bringing with you. Will it be a special someone, or are you coming with the boys. Your membership, you decide. See you on the water!


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