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Term And Condition

Terms and Conditions: The rental document signed by you and a return record with computed rental charges together constitute the rental agreement between yourself and Saveene.com Inc.

Renter and additional driver confirm herewith that he/she is cognizant of the fact, that this motor vehicle, according to our laws has only to be insured against liability towards third parties. Renter or additional driver shall however fully liable for all damages of any nature if this vehicle described herein shall be operated in violation of any of the provisions of this rental agreement.

  • PAYMENT POLICY: The renter must pay all rental fees, including deposit, upfront, ahead of the rental date & time, in advance, with either a Credit or Debit Card; we accept all major credit cards. The deposit amount when renting is between $500 & $1000 depending upon the vehicle. The third party liability insurance does not cover any damages sustain by the renter or occupants personally.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: The renter must notify Saveene, in writing, via email or letter with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice prior to rental pick up or drop off time.
  • RENTAL EXTENTION: To extend a rental agreement the renter must contact Saveene make a full payment for the extension, and receive confirmation before the vehicle rental time is confirmed extended.
  • REFUND POLICY: A full refund of the prepaid reservation will be made, if the cancellation is made within 7 days of the original booking time. If the cancellation is less than 7 days up to 24 hours prior to the pick up or drop off time. Saveene has the right to charge an Administration fee up to $30. If the cancellation is made in less than 24 hours prior to pick up or drop off Saveene will not refund any of the rental fees, however the deposit will be refunded. Once the car is returned in the same condition renter received the vehicle.
  1. Rental: You rent from us the car, described on the rental document. You agree to the terms below, provided any such term is not prohibited by the law of a jurisdiction covering this rental, which case such law controls. “You” and “your” refer to the person who signs this agreement, “we”, “our” and “us” refer to Saveene. You also agree that you are cannot assign or transfer your obligations.
  1. Changes: Any change in this rental agreement or our rights must be in writing and signed by an authorized Saveene officer. You further agree that we have the right to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time either upon written notice to you, in paper or electronic form, or upon our posting such changes on the Saveene web site. Changes to the Terms and Conditions will be posted as they occur on the Saveene web site Terms and will govern all rentals even if the terms provided at time of enrollment are different.
  2. Authorized to Drive:  You represent that you are a capable and validly licensed driver, for the appropriate class. You agree that we have the right to verify that your license has been validly issued and is in good standing; and that we may in our sole discretion refuse to rent to you if your license has been suspended, revoked, otherwise restricted in any way. We reserve the right to deny rentals based upon information about your license status or driving record provided by the Motor Vehicle Department of the jurisdiction that issued your license or any other reliable source in the business of validating an identity. Except where otherwise specifically authorized by applicable law, only you, your spouse or domestic partner, or, if you rent from us under your employer’s corporate account agreement, your employer or a regular fellow employee incidental to business duties may drive the car, but only with your prior permission. The other driver must be at least 25 years old and must also be a capable and validly licensed driver. There may be a charge for each additional driver authorized to drive the car, which will be specified on the rental document.
  1. Return of the Car: You agree to return the car to us in the same condition you received it, to the agreed return location as specified on the rental document you must return it sooner on our demand. If you return it earlier or later, a different or higher rate may apply and, if returned later, you may also be charged a late return fee.  As a periodic rate will continue to accrue until the return location reopens and we retake actual possession of the car. If we do not find the car when that location reopens, your responsibility for all charges and for damage to or loss of the car will continue until the car is actually returned or recovered. If you wish to extend any rental you must contact us at 1-866-609-6695 to request it before your return date. We may or may not grant an extension or decline to grant it for the entire period you request, in our sole discretion. If we do grant an extension a different or higher rate may be applied to the extension period and a service fee may also apply.
  1. Rental Charges: You will pay for the number of miles, you drive and the period of time you rent the car at the rate indicated on the rental document, or your applicable corporate rate. The minimum charge is one day (24 hours), unless “calendar day” is indicated on the rental document, plus mileage or a fixed fee. If you fail to comply with any conditions for special rates specified on the rental document our otherwise applicable rates will be charged.
  1. Card Reserve: You acknowledge that you have been informed that if you use a charge card, your credit, up to an amount of the estimated total charges due under this Agreement, as indicated on the rental document.  If you use a debit card funds in the account to which that card is linked may be set aside for the greater of the amount of the estimated total charges. You understand that we will authorize the release of any excess reserve or set aside upon the completion of your rental, and that your card issuer’s rules apply to your credit line or your account being credited for such excess and may not be immediately released by your card issuer.

Renters Responsibility

  1. You will also pay a reasonable fee for cleaning the car’s interior upon return for excessive stains, dirt or spoilage attributable to your use as determined solely by us. Saveene offers an unlimited car
  2. If key(s) are not returned with the vehicle, you may be charged an additional fee.
  3. We maintain a non-smoking fleet. You will pay an additional charge if you return the car and it smells of smoke
  4. You and any third party, to whom any rental charges are billed, such as an insurer or employer, are jointly and severally responsible for payment of all such charges. If you direct us to bill any such charges to a third party, you represent that you are authorized to do so.
  5. If you use a car with automatic toll payment capability, you will pay us or our toll program administrator, with whom we will share rental and all your credit card/debit card information, for all tolls incurred during your related fees, charges and penalties.
  6. You will also pay a toll convenience fee for every day of the rental once you have passed through the toll. The charges may take 4-8 weeks after the rental to be billed to your credit/debit card on file.
  7. You’ll also pay all applicable taxes as well as any additional charges provided on the rental agreement which are over and above the base rental rate. These may be surcharges and or recovery fees to recover certain costs
  1. Repossessing the Car: We can repossess the car at any time in our sole discretions for reasons that include, but are not limited to the following: it is found illegally parked, being used to violate the law or the terms of this agreement, or appears to be abandoned.
  1. Prohibited Use of the Car: Certain uses of the car and other things you or a driver may do, or fail to do, will violate this Agreement and, in addition to anything else may cause us to cancel your enrollment in Saveene Preferred.
  1. Loss Damage Waiver (LDW): Is not insurance and not mandatory. If you accept full LDW by your initials on the rental document at the additional daily rate, for each full or partial day that the car is rented to you and the car is operated in accordance with this agreement, we assume responsibility for the loss of or damage to the car except, if permitted by law, for lost, damaged or stolen keys or remote entry devices, towing or tire services, unless related to an accident, or recovery of the car if stolen (except in the state of Alaska) and except for your amount of “responsibility”, if any, specified on the rental document.
  1. Partial Loss Damage Waiver (PDW) Is available only where permitted by law. If you accept PDW at the indicated daily rate, and the car is operated in accordance with this Agreement, we assume all loss or damage to the car up to the amount as specified on the rental document and you accept responsibility for all other loss or damage. If you do not accept either LDW or PDW, you owe for all loss or damage to the car.
  2. Roadside Assistance: Is available to all renters. In some instances, you may purchase added protection under Extended Roadside Assistance to cover potential costs associated with lost keys, remote entry devices, lockouts, flat tires, towing, jump starts emergency fuel delivery (up to 3 gallons).
  1. Fuel service option: Where available, at the beginning of your rental, and you return the car with less fuel than was in it when you received it, we will charge you a fuel service charge at the applicable rate per-mile or per-gallon rate specified on the rental document.
  1. Property in the Car: We are not responsible for loss of or damage to any property in or on the car, in any service vehicle, on our premises, or received or handled by us, regardless of who is at fault. You’ll be responsible to us for claims by others for loss or damage.
  1. Currency Conversion: If you use a credit or charge card that is issued by a financial institution outside of the United States and your charges are billed to us in a currency other than U.S. Dollars, the full amount of your charges will be converted to the card account’s billing. This charge will replace the currency conversion processing charge applied by your card issuer. You understand that your card issuer has a currency conversion process; that you have chosen not to use your card issuer’s currency conversion process; and that you will have no recourse against your card issuer with respect to any matter related to the currency conversion or disclosure thereof.
  1. Error in Rental Charges: The charges shown on the return record are not final and are subject to review. You’ll pay any undercharges and you’ll receive a refund for any overcharges we discover on review.
  1. Collections: If you do not pay all amounts due to us under this Agreement upon demand, including all charges, fees, expenses, fines, penalties, and all matters associated with the rental of the vehicle including, without limitation, payment for loss of or damage to the car, rental charges, parking, red light and traffic fines and penalties, toll charges, towing, storage and impoundment fees, we will take the following actions. You agree to also pay for any costs that we incur in seeking to collect such Charges including, without limitation, court costs and attorney’s fees in addition to any administrative fees, cost recovery, insufficient funds fees and collection fees (collectively, “Costs”).
  1. OnStar and Satellite Radio: You acknowledge that the car may be equipped with the OnStar System, which provides emergency and other services. You expressly authorize all of those services. You acknowledge that you understand that OnStar requires the car’s electrical system and equipment, cellular service and satellite technologies to be available and operating for OnStar to function properly. Not all OnStar services are available on all cars. OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency and other service providers. Services are limited.
  1. Use of GPS Tracking Devices: We use GPS tracking devices to track or locate cars which may be reported stolen, suspected of being stolen or as may be required by law enforcement, or to identify vehicles which have been damaged and may require roadside assistance, when we a good faith belief that there is an emergency that poses a threat to the safety of your or another person, or as necessary to defend, protect or enforce our rights in connection with the use of our products and/or services. In addition, if equipped and where permitted by law, the GPS device in the car, in connection with your smart phone, may also be used to process the rental including when your rental may start, when it may end, the fuel levels in the car and the mileage on the car.


You use or permit the car to be used.

  1. By anyone other than an authorized driver.
  2. To carry passengers or property for hire.
  3. To tow or push anything.
  4. To be operated in a test, race or contest, or on unpaved roads.
  5. While the driver is under the influence of alcohol and/or a controlled substance.
  6. For conduct that could be charged as a crime.
  7. If the car is driven into Mexico, or out of the country, without our expressed permission.
  8. Fail to promptly report any damage to or loss of the car when it occurs.
  9. Where required by law, failed to report an accident to law enforcement.
  10. Obtained the car through fraud or misrepresentation.
  11. Leave the car and fail to remove the keys or close and lock all doors, close all windows allowing the car to be is stolen or vandalized.
  12. Intentionally or with willful disregard cause or allow damage to the car or otherwise failed to take reasonable steps to secure the vehicle, its keys or other remote entry and starting devices.
  13. Driving or operating this car while using a hand-held wireless communication device.