Not only will you as the franchisee receive a series of valuable assets to kick start your business with a wonderful portfolio worth millions of dollars. These assets are all ready to be fractioned out or sold! With Saveenes Yacht alliances once the existing yachts are fractioned out obtaining another yacht is a no brainer. Saveene has a large inventory of yachts on consignment that can be either fractioned out or sold as club memberships.

The beauty is that you hold no inventory, which eliminates the risk!

You will be provided with training online from the comfort of your home and you will receive ongoing support from our support team.

In the training you will be trained on how to sell these club memberships plus fractional yachts and homes. In addition to this, you will be taught on how and where to market your business through our comprehensive marketing and sales training. You will also receive ongoing training on the product itself as we continue to add inventory to our portfolio.

A business operations manual will be made available to you with step by step instructions on how to set up your business in a step by step format from the very start. Industry research reports, and pricing will be provided by Saveene as well as part of our ongoing support. As a franchisee any time we introduce a new product you will have the ability to sell this new addition as well. Franchisees will also receive any updates done by their home office.

At Saveene we will set up your email, website, and provide you with all the software you will require to run your business smoothly as well as provide you with training on the various softwares used by Saveene.