We believe that we are in the right place at the right time. We are the only company offering weekly use fractional opportunity and a yacht pricing point designed for the masses.

The baby boomers are aging! The Great Recession of 2008- wiped out allot of pension plans and allot of retirement plans. People love to yacht to have to tell friends however handing over $300,000 to $700,000 and having a monthly bill of $5,000 plus is another thing. At Saveene we offer our end users / customers the same experience for a fraction of the cost, or about 90% less than what our competitors charge.

We focus on the needs of “baby boomers” looking for fractional ownership assets. With the sail yacht and the motor yacht we believe we achieved the best mix for our demographic target area..Saveene yachts are turnkey and come staffed with a Capitan and or a steward / first mate.

In summary we can offer the exact same product as our competitors, at a 90 -95% discounted rate.

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saveene franchise

At Saveene we maintain a fully comprehensive Business "Back Net". Once you complete the Log In info you will enter our Business Development Back Office. (Back Net)

The BACK NET contains full Business Plan, Federal Disclosure Documents Video and More.....

At Saveene we do not deploy a business sales team. A Saveene customer service representative will contact you to follow up with you as a matter of courtesy without any sales pressure. We are seeking qualified candidates for our very unique and one of a kind opportunity.