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For qualified investors earn 8% interest per annum limited offering!!

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We are making this proposal under SEC Rule 506 We are very excited about our business model and are delighted to share our joy with you. Post economic crisis of 2008-2012 many travelers and vacationers are looking for economical ways to enjoy their free time. Not only are they looking for economical alternatives, the whole economy has shifted from excess use to “use what you need when you need it"; or the micro use model. Many businesses have sprung up that cater to this new consumer thinking such as UBER, (share a car ride) Flip Key, (rent apartment by day or week) and Zip Car (rent a car by the hour) to name a few.

Saveene is in this same micro use industry space. Our model is fractioning yachts). In addition, we also manage and own luxury vacation property's.

  • We are building a business model to be the UBER for yachts. We make the unaffordable venture of owning and operating a yacht affordable for the average consumer.
  • To learn more about our business model please visit our home page at
  • We also offer own and operate luxury vacation type real estate properties.
  • We maintain an offices in West Palm Beach Florida USA, and Javea Spain where we are conducting sales of fractional yachts, for EU residents and vacationers.
  • This 8% interest rate offering, we are making the offering available to qualified investors under the SEC Rule 506 (. Under this program you will receive an annual return of 8% paid in cash and your principal back at maturity of the 12-18 month agreement.
  • The loan we are seeking is fully open and repayable at any time in whole or in part before maturity.
  • After you finish visiting our home page and you have reviewed all info if you wish to explore this opportunity further please contact us.
  • We are making this a limited offering of $3 Million Dollars and seeking up to 40 investors to participate in a secured syndicate help us reach our goal.
  • We are offering interest rate payments of 8% per annum 1 and 1.5 year term.

Saveene Fractional Ownership

If you wish to explore this opportunity further with Saveene please contact us at the following numbers. We will furnish you with a user name and a password to access our Backnet.

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  Yacht & Fractional ownership +1 561 570 4301

Head Office
The Harvey Building
224 Datura Street
Suite # 1015
West Palm Beach, FL
USA 33401
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